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The teachers at the Iyengar Institute of Bondi Junction are committed to furthering the teachings of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. They are affilliated with Iyengar Yoga Australia and must renew the Iyengar Certification Mark each year to teach and use the name of Iyengar.   Iyengar teachers  undergo a minimum of 5 years study, practice, rigorous training and assessment before receiving teaching qualifications and, once certificated, maintain a personal practice as well as ongoing study and professional development.  

The use of the certification mark (see image) by accredited Iyengar Yoga teachers demonstrates the teacher’s authenticity and commitment to the Iyengar system of yoga. It is an international symbol of the highest standards of excellence in training and continuing education in the Iyengar method. Only certified Iyengar Yoga teachers are entitled to use the name and Certification Mark of BKS Iyengar. The Certification Mark is your assurance of quality in teaching.  For more information on certification of teachers and the Certification Mark – www.iyengaryoga.asn.au .

Kay Parry

Kay Parry is a devoted student of Guruji, Geetaji and Prashantji.  She first studied at the R.I.M.Y.I in the early 80’s, attended International Conventions around the world and continues to regularly travel to Pune to study.

Kay is a founding member of the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia. Beginning with the first Introductory Assessment held in Australia in 1987, Kay is continually involved in the assessment process as a teacher trainer, assessor, moderator, and member of the assessment committee. She currently holds an Advanced Junior level ll Certificate.

Kay is a dedicated teacher to her students, many of whom have been practicing with her for as along as she has been teaching.  Kay is joint director and principal teacher at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Bondi Junction where she shares her knowledge and experience with fellow teachers and students. She had the privilege of being a Co-ordinator of Guruji’s 1992 Australasian Convention and Geetaji’s 1996 and 2003 Conventions. Committed to sharing yoga Kay has written articles for the Yoga Vaani and instigated projects such as the as the development of Teacher’s Study Booklets from conventions to share Guruji’s and Geetaji’s teaching with both current and future students of yoga.

“Guruji continues to remain my deepest inspiration to practice and teach. I am eternally blessed to be one of his students and to impart the gift of yoga that he gave me, to my students.”

Carole Hart

Carole’s interest, passion and practice of yoga grew after Guruji, BKS Iyengar’s visit to Sydney in 1983.  She has been teaching since the mid eighties and is a senior teacher with the Iyengar Yoga Australia – certified at Intermediate Junior Level 3.

Carole has visited the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India on many occasions and has had the privilige of being taught by Guruji, Geetaji Iyengar and his son Prashant. In 1989, with Kay Parry, she established the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Bondi Junction with the support of an enthusiastic group of Iyengar Yoga devotees.  The ultimate aim in her teaching is to continue to share her passion, knowledge and the wisdom of Guruji’s teachings with students.

“Through the practice of yoga you can explore, understand and enhance your potential, health and wellbeing.  I endeavour to guide and encourage students, through Guruji’s teachings, to persevere and be challenged each time they step onto their mats to practice.”

Kirsten Shteinman

From the first class Kirsten attended in February 1999, she knew Iyengar Yoga was for her.  Immediately drawn in by its integrity and rigor and coming with a scientific background, she finds the precision of alignment and ability to adapt asanas for all body types inspirational.  After gaining her first yoga teaching qualification overseas, Kirsten is now a student of senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, Kay Parry and has been teaching at this school for 10 years. She holds an Intermediate Junior Level 2 Certification.  Inspired by the strength, flexibility and insight that she has gained through yoga, both on and off the mate, Kirsten regularly attends classes at the Institute in Pune and is eternally grateful to Guruji, BKS Iyengar, and his family for so generously sharing their teachings for the benefit of all.  

 “For a yogi, the body is the laboratory for perpetual experiment and research”  – BKS Iyengar.

Bertha Shakinvosky

Bertha started Iyengar Yoga at the age of 14 and has been a dedicated practitioner for over 40 years. She visited BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune for the first time in 1981 and continues to visit on a regular basis to study with the Iyengar family. Bertha holds a Senior Intermediate Level II teaching certificate.

Bertha has been closely involved with the BKS Iyengar Association and was President of the Australian Association for four years from October 2011 until October 2015. She continues to be involved with the Association.

Bertha is passionate about the subject of yoga and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other students of yoga.

Lisa Tonnelli Smith 

Lisa’s yoga journey began with Kay Parry at Bondi Junction in 2000. Kay inspired Lisa to start teacher training, and delve deeper into the practice that has given her so much, wherever the family has lived.  In 2002, Lisa and her husband relocated to London where Lisa qualified as a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. 

 Whilst living in London for almost 15 years, Lisa was fortunate to do regular retreats with Christian Pisano in Nice and Faeq Biria in Blacons, France. Whenever Jawahar Bangara and Rajiv and Birjoo Mehta came to London, Lisa was fortunate to be able to practice with them.  After teaching at studios in London, Tokyo and Bali – “I’m delighted to be teaching at the Bondi Junction Institute on a regular basis. Joining  these wonderful teachers is a blessing and I really hope to see many of you on Wednesday’s & Thursdays’s at 10am  Monday’s at 4.30pm”. 

Ruthi Furman

Ruthi’s interest in Iyengar yoga started overseas more than 20 years ago and when relocating to Australia in 2004 she continued to practice & be inspired by her teachers.  She was drawn to the fact that Iyengar Yoga made her feel aligned both physically and mentally – supporting her busy life.   Ruthi continued Iyengar yoga throughout her pregnancies completing her teacher training with Bertha Shakinovsky.  She achieved & was awarded her Iyengar yoga teaching certificate in 2020.   “I feel blessed to have yoga in my life and to be able to share it with others”.

Christine Newman

Christine has been a keen student of Iyengar yoga since the 1990s taking classes and workshops with many teachers in Australia and overseas.  Iyengar yoga has been a continuous presence in her life while her children were growing up and while working in legal and business affairs.  

Inspired by her principal teacher, Bertha Shakinovsky (also a teacher at IYIBJ), with whom she first took classes in London in 1994, Christine decided a few years ago to train as an Iyengar yoga teacher with Bertha to deepen her understanding and practise of Iyengar yoga.

She is drawn to many aspects of Iyengar yoga and in particular the focus on alignment and imaginative use of props to assist people to access poses.  Practising Iyengar yoga has helped her to attain and maintain equilibrium across many facets of her life and she would like to share that quality with others.

Christine is very pleased to join the wonderful team of teachers at the IYIBJ and hopes to see you on the mat soon.

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